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The Feelings Art Gallery

In individual and group sessions, we use colors to express our feelings while drawing and painting. Families donate many art pieces to The Well Experience to share with the world!

The Feelings Art Gallery is an annual auction event hosted by The Well Experience. Our online auction event allows you to contribute by purchasing a painting made by members of our community! 

feelings wheel.jpg

Support and Connect with Our Community!

At The Well Experience, mental health is a very important focus for all ages. Our programs use mental health techniques such as art therapy to help our community. Through art therapy, children and families are able to express what they feel through painting in a safe environment. These paintings reflect the emotions of members while they are at The Well Experience. The auction is an oppurtunity to share these moments and help support future events at The Well!

The Feelings Art Gallery Fundraiser Starts Now! 

To participate in the auction, head to and register! Bid on any items within the time period and support The Well Experience. If you need any assistence with The Feelings Art Gallery auction, please contact us via email.  

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